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Race gas?


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Shell makes a nice unleaded. I think it's called Shell URT.


Thanks for the response. Im going to check around if there is any places that sell race gas around here. I think theres only like 2-3 places in a 20mile radius. It's easier to get E85 around here than race gas :(

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I ran turbo blue once, 105 octane I believe. So when on Stage 4 I was going to the track and it was hot as hell... Stage 4 is 94 octane and I didnt want to get timing taken out by knock sensor on 95/95 day with 93 octane. I believe I just pumped a couple gallons in with a few gallons of 93 left.


Dont know if it helped or hurt but no issue. I know a guy who ran out at the track, bought some race gas at track, and sped up a couple tenths. Later he found his knock sensor was getting tripped. He wasnt in an SHO, and I later data logged with my mycal and no knock fires were found.


Get a methanol kit!!!! You get all the timing you want under boost but fine with 93 while you DD.

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