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My Custom Cat Back Exhaust (VIDS inside)

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Just thought I'd share my custom exhaust with the users over here.


Specifically what was done was 2.5' piping all mandrel bent stainless steel. Removed 3rd cat and replaced with a X pipe. Removed mid muffler AND rear mufflers. We did slide on some Dynomax mufflers but the sound was still just to tame. Took them off and there we go...was in love. Now you can easily hear the turbos spool up. The great thing is the exhaust doesn't even drone very much. On the highway it's silent! At a idle when the car is warmed up there's a slight rumble but if you didn't know any better you wouldn't know it had an exhaust. It's just loud as hell when you get on it which is perfect for me! Anyways enjoy:









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Found it!


I did some digging around on my end and found your thread qwik.........


I believe it should be appearing now for general viewer membership.


I still notified ADMIN already about your delayed posting issues, I apologize for not having seen this, but in my defense, there was not any type of notifications on my end indicating that this was pending.

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Thanks Bpd for finding it and no worries!! And yeah the dog sniffing at the beginning cracked me up.


The setup cost me 900 with tax included. All top notch stainless steel and mandrel bent. He spent 7 hours doing it. So less then a Corsa or Borla and a little more than a Magnaflow but with the sound I wanted compared to the other exhausts. :)


And yes Flip, no mufflers. Basically it's just straight pipe with the exception of the X pipe. I did plan on doing dual aftermarket mufflers but when we slid them on we were all really surprised at how quiet it was still! So we slid them off and we all were like now THAT sounds good. lol I'm still shocked as to how quiet it is at idle and on the highway. It's only loud if you get on it, otherwise it's quiet. I was in a tunnel the other night and decided to get on it quick....holy crap is all I can say. lol

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I actually listened to the exhaust with just the rear mufflers cut off (just to see if it was the sound I wanted before going all out) and to be honest it's still very very quiet. I couldn't hear the turbos at all and it was a little louder but nothing near the sound in the vids. You'd think getting rid of two mufflers would make a big difference!


Also to add, I just put on my livernois tune about 2 weeks ago and the exhaust...from what I can tell...stayed pretty much the same (sound not speed wise hehe). Just a fyi

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I've been through 3 exhausts, yep FML...


I ran mine no mufflers for 2 months and I couldn't handle it with customers inside (it was embarrassing). It sounded great outside, inside it was way too loud and raspy for a 40 something white collar guy like me who takes people to lunch to talk business or takes his family out on weekends. My two girls kept telling me they were "afraid" of my car it was way too loud


Here is my current setup:


2013 SHO PP

Livernois 93 octane tune w/ mods

Reisch Thermostat

Corsa full stainless cat back exhaust

Airaid CAI

SSQV BOV @noise maker :)

Livernois DP with HF cats

H&R Springs

22' Lexani R5 Wheels

All chrome fascia blacked out with Armor All Custom Shield


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