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Finally broke into the 12's

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Ran 12.95, 12.96, & 12.99 tonight. Finally can say I have 12 second Paw Paw car. Best part is that I ran with the baby seat in the back. Everybody couldn't believe how well it ran for a Taurus. I said, "Hell it ran good for any street car". So far here is the list of "Kills"


Saleen S281

13 Charger R/T

Loud Miata

13 Nissan 350Z

12?? Pontiac GT GXP

and few other less worthy opponents.

Tonight's best run:

.614 Reaction

1.875 60ft

8.28 1/8mi


12.954 @105.51

Mods: Tune LMS Stage 4, Airaid CAI, Removed 3rd cat

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VERY VERY GOOD. The "SHO-OFF the SOUTH" Group had a meet at the SILVER DOLLAR RACEWAY LAST NIGHT.AirPortGuy770 and I were to jump on some SS Camaro from my job but they were scared and CHICKEN OUT.LOL HA here is a inside joke, Airport show up w/out the SHO I ask why I find out that it's his wife's car and her and the girl's went out on the town Friday night.LOL But he came in a ford GT-500 Mustang and it was his DAD so he was scared to run it.LMBOROG:bowl: The 1st time sheet is with him in the car(can't run less than 14.0sec w/someone in car) but it was my best 1/8mi time of the night, the track condition was very bad last night.http://i1277.photobucket.com/albums/y486/shoman04/mar152013_zpsf0d6bd4c.jpg[/img]"]mar152013_zpsf0d6bd4c.jpg


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