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Replacing Incandescent Bulbs with LEDs

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Hi guys,


New 2010 SHO owner and new to the forums. So far, I LOVE this car and couldn't be happier with my purchase!


I was recommended to this forum by TCCA. I would like to replace my rear incandescent bulbs (tail, stop, turn signal, and reverse) with LEDs. I've been searching the forums and haven't found anything related to this. Any suggestions? Has anyone had success doing this? If so, do you have any recommendations on which type of LED bulbs I should buy? I am just looking to replace the bulbs and not the assemblies.


Thanks in advance!:RpS_biggrin:

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Hi, welcome to EBOF! :wave:


This should get you started:





As for the other exterior lights (license plate, front marker lights) you can change those too, done them all myself as well.

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Welcome aboard EBOF :welcome:


Glad to have you as part of our cool little, but ever expanding, Ecoboost community. :thumb:


Enjoy all the info posted here thus far, and please contribute where ever you can.......


The two links provided will get you started as far as the LED's you're desiring to incorporate into vehicle.


There is one other thread on retro fitting the tail lights, but it involves baking, gutting open the tail assemblies, and installing the LED's, then reassembling them.


Sounds more involved than what your looking to do (simple bulb replacement) but there are various companies out there, that may be able to help you out if you're looking to maybe perhaps pioneer this mod, and blaze trails for the rest of your fellow Ecoboost owners to follow.....



Check out any of the following ------->









Good luck, and report back with any updates. Thanks!

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I have a '13, my brake lights and turn signals are already LED. I did put LED bulbs reverse lights. No load resistor there. The only load resistors you may need would be for the turn signals. The other option is to replace the flasher unit (if the '10 has one) with an LED friendly unit. My '13 doesn't have a flasher, the smart junction box takes care of alternating the turn signals.

The Taurus doesn't have a "bulb out" warning system, so no load resistors on the marker, brake, and reverse lights should be necessary.

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