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Reflashing tune to get aggressiveness back?


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I'm no expert on transmission learning, but I swear after a little over a month, 700 miles, my SHO got a little lazy with the tune. The temps are near the same, unfortunately because of this never ending winter, but all of a sudden earlier this week, it seemed to get a little lazy accelerating. It wasn't near as slow as Stock, but it did seem to let off a little on its all out power. I remember when I first put this in, after the adjustment period, driving around 30-35 mph and flooring it, the vehicle would downshift and spin tire, then shift and spin again. Now it just downshifts and sometimes doesn't seem as aggressive. I don't have any missing or hesitation and nothing to indicate a problem.


I started to drive a little more aggressive at times the last few days and it seems to be getting more aggressive again. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this or if anyone re-flashes their tune before going to the track. Maybe I'm being too picky. It's not a huge difference but I can tell there is some difference in acceleration than before.

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