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A few videos of my 2013 SHO at Summit Point Raceway


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I was extremely pleased how the car did for what it is. My last car I tracked was a 2012 Mustang 5.0. Ford held up to the claim of the upgraded braking system on the 2013 Performance Package being pretty much fade free. They held up after 120-130 -> 40 on turn 1 all day long. The transmission was almost always in the right gear exiting turns with the automatic revmatch downshifting in Sport Mode. It was actually more of hassle to use the paddle shifters - it worked well itself. Next time I go I will be on a course with more turns so I figure I will utilize them more then. It could use better tires though. The Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercars are good but not great. As expected, it did have understeer but wasn't terrible. I'd like to see how it would do with just a better tire.


I'm going to get SS brake lines and upgrade the fluid. I believe with the PP these have a higher temp brake fluid like with the Brembo packages on new Mustangs but while I'm doing the lines I will upgrade to some Rotul. This should provide a firmer, more confident pedal feel. I have an extra set of wheels that will get some better tires and we will see how it does then.


The car definitely had alot of people coming up to me after sessions wanting to know what the heck was done to it. Honestly, I wasn't even taking it to it's limits since it was my first time out with this car. I think a few people got butthurt. :)


Chasing down a supercharged Corvette, finally got the pass at the end of the video.




Final session of the day, made it around everyone in the field.



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That's awesome!!! Looks like you hit around 130 mph on that straightaway.


Nipping on the heels of that vette the whole time. What's most impressive about that is you could've had a child's car seat behind you.


This video really makes me want to get a tune.


Yea, average on the long straight was 120-130 depending on traffic. I could have easily hit 140 if I wanted to brake late but there was no need getting my brakes heated up with no one on my tail.

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This is so cool!


That Vette had a lot of power, he seemed to pull away at will. I'm surprised he wasn't able to stay ahead; how were you able to pass him?


From the video, it was because the Vette's driver was slower in the corners. The vette did rocket off in the straights but at every corner ONLYA6 was able to catch up, and pull up to his bumper. There were a lot of technically "Faster" cars on that track, bu tit looks like their drivers didn't know how to get the most out of them.

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