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Auto High Beam sensitivity adjustment

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I found this interesting:


Automatic High Beam Sensitivity Adjustment

NOTE: This procedure switches between the 2 available sensitivity settings (near and far) and provides user feedback by cycling the high beams.


NOTE: The sensitivity setting can also be changed using the scan tool.


NOTE: The battery must be within normal operating range or the setting change may not take effect.


Preconditions must be met before the automatic high beam sensitivity setting can be changed. Make sure:

the vehicle is in PARK (P)

the ignition is in RUN

the headlamp switch is in the HEADLAMPS ON position

the low beams are on (high beams are off)

Cycle the headlamp switch from the HEADLAMPS ON to the AUTOLAMPS position 3 times within 2 seconds, ending with the HEADLAMPS ON position.

Cycle the flash-to-pass feature 3 times.

The high beams cycle on then off automatically to confirm the sensitivity level has changed

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I've changed mine to the far setting and it still leaves the high beams on way too long when traffic is approaching or when following someone, they stay up long past the time they should have been dimmed...I've never had any vehicle with auto high beams that worked to my satisfaction.

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