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Bad Steering Rack

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Well am I the first to post about a problem with the steering rack (at 7000 miles I might add)? I noticed it sort of binding when the wheel is parked (at a stop) facing straight ahead. A slight turn to the left or right and it feels like I'm up against something and then it gives suddenly. The service department has no explanation other than it is bad and it will take 2 days to get another one. What a draggg.


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I do notice a lot of folks with "clunking" noise from up front.

When my rack started going it first started sounding like a 1975 LTD on speed bumps (squeeking) at each bump. Then it was a steering "clunk" at each left and at each right. I am suspecting a lot of you have bad steering racks. This might be a candidate for a bump up front.


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The sound I'm hearing is a slight 'click' when I turn the wheel from side to side. The dealership replaced the tie rod ends, even though their tech said the original tie rod ends looked fine, but the sound was still there. They sent the issue up to Ford and Ford told them to replace the steering rack. We'll see if a new steering rack get rid of the sound later this week. This is my first domestic car, after having great luck with several foreign cars, and I hope this isn't a sign of things to come as this car actually starts to get some miles on the clock...

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My car is sitting at the dealership right now diagnosing a bump up front. I mainly notice it when going slowly over bumps while turning. Seems to be coming from the passenger front side. I don't notice anything when turning the wheels on their own, only while hitting a bump. My car currently has 103000km's.


@Otto Man - I used to own an '84 LTD with the same problems SCREEEEEEKKKK! SCREEEEEEEKKKK!


Update: Just got my car back from the dealer. They ended up replacing the strut mounts which seemed to mitigate the problem.





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