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My 2013 woke up at the track today!!!!!


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It was a cool sunny day today and decided to bring the 2013 SHO too the track for a second time... Still have the modified LMS93 file with OEM shift points. Only mods are:

HR springs - Airaid - custom exhaust with catted downpipes and x-pipes - Livernois tuned.


The last time I went I ran 12.52 at 113.2mph.




12.272 sec. at 115.04mph!


The performance package gear ratio truly helps with the launching. With my 2010 non-PP, even if I ran many runs between 12.09 and 12.16, my best 60' ever was 1.80. With this one, I had a 60' of 1.73!


It is a rocket off the line. I can only imagine with methanol... ;)


With the 2010, I ran 12.61 at 111mph best without meth and 12.09 at 117.9mph with meth. So, if I can run 12.27 at 115mph with no meth, I am now sure I will be in the 11's... 11.8's is my guess.


I am waiting for my gauges to arrive to have them installed, hopefully this week. On Monday 29, I will have the meth kit reinstalled in that 2013. If the gauges could be installed prior to the meth install, that would be great so that I can monitor boost.


However, I will wait for May 8th to have the car dynotuned directly at Livernois and see how it goes on the track the next day for their customers appreciation track rental event at Milan... If it is not 100F like last year (on May 9 I'd be surprised!), then I could see the 11's! That is only les than three weeks from now...




BTW, I lined up against the new 2013 Audi S7 with its V8 4.0L twin turbos, we ran three races and were equal all three races between 12.27 and 12.33... I was a bit faster off the line and he was slowly catching up towards the end. He was surprised... I was happy and wished I had the meth joker card to surprise him even more! hehehe!

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Are you freaking kidding me Steve?!?!? That is AMAZING! I don't recall off the top of my head who the other 2013 owner on here is who also ran like 111 or 112mph with little more than a tune but that two of you are doing it makes me wonder if some animals are more equal than others. By that I mean these 2013's on paper SHOULD NOT run any differently at the track than the 2010-2012 ones but there you have it. They are definitely faster. That's a meth time you're running there for the older cars. Are you sure you didn't hook your kit up and forget about it or something?


As always, great work man. It's incredible to see you out there making S7 owners question reality!

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Only mods are:

HR springs - Airaid - custom exhaust with catted downpipes and x-pipes - Livernois tuned.


Steve,What are the HP # on x-pipe & downpipe MOD's?


Here local there a tuner that is the LMS of GTR's. I have ran with these guys/gals at the track. They made me a GUEST member of the club!!!(I call the SHO a 4DR GTR.LOL). But I have been trying fig-out how I was get them out the hole? That night at 95deg the GTR'S were in 10&11's, R8 12's,and me 13.0sec. And they were running 600-800HP w/AWD? Here there trick the tuner is tune the boost by gear like 10lb in 1st,12lb in 2nd,16lb in 3rd& max boost 4th gear and up. I thinking LMS may be able to do somthing like that to help the METH car's with traction? What do you think.




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