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Project Darkness.

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The efforts of making my SHO look like a moving shadow continues. Since buying it in mid Feb....


-Changed the fender vents to the 2013 SHO ones.


-Removed the "TAURUS" badging


-Had chrome trim around the tailights, windows, trunk "bar", silver foglight housings and fender trim done in matte black vinyl.


-I plastidipped my wheels, front grill and rear SHO emblem matte black.


-Windows are tinted.


-Tailights tinted.


-Front and rear FORD emblems are no longer blue and chrome, but all gloss black.








Gotta figure out what I want to do with the amber in the headlight. Might just have my tint shop do a dark tind cut out over it, kind of like the tails.


Within the next 3 months I am aiming for Eibachs, CAI and Tune.

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Thanks fellas!


Funny you mentioned that because that was the one area where I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do (hide that amber). I stumbled across Chases pics on the Adams forum and was trying to figure out what he did (tint or vinyl). Ill definitely have to look into it more cause his lights look great!

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