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Hey guys!

Since the interface has changed, I am not able to use tapatalk... But, honestly, I haven't had much time since I made an offer to purchase a house that was accepted and since I have been swamped with the home staging of my current house that I have to sell ASAP. The new house will have a big garage, which is my dream come true... Finally I will be able to clean my car and leave it in the garage and play around the car at ease regardless of outside temperature (including winter!).

Anyways, lately I finally received the gauges and had them installed. This time, I chose them digital (EVO series from Prosports). They look great. I have the boost, water temp and oil pressure. Apparently there was a part that was no longer compatible (from the 2010 to the 2013) for the oil pressure (the one that attaches to the oil filter). So, I will have to check that, but it won't happen before I head to Livernois next week! Woohoo!

I have an appointment on May 8th in the afternoon for dynotuning. Oh yeah... I just brought my car to the speed shop to have my methanol kit reinstalled. It should be ready by Friday. So everything falls in place so that I can run in the 11's next week at Milan.

Looking forward to seeing you again and meeting new members/friends too.


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