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Hey Guys,


It was fun while it lasted but I will be returning my car to the stock tune. I bought this SCT X3 tuner from one of the guys on the forum and would only want to pass on the same joy I have had to someone else who is a part of our forum. This tuner has only been "married" to two cars and it has the Livernois Stage 2 & 3 tunes on it if your strategy code matches mine. It has all software and wires included and is ready to plug in and go. Im selling it for $275 so send me a message if your interested.


Kevin :RpS_thumbsup:


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Haha thanks guys. I did in fact run out of clean underwear. Unfortunately i'm returning it to stock because I have been unable to resolve a transmission issue with ford where my car continuously slips gears at low speed with the chip on. I have performed every TSB I can possibly find and the issue is still not resolved and no one else has had the same trouble. So back to stock with the tune and on to different mods. Its been a blast and it woke the car up leaps and bounds, it just apparently did not take well to my vehicle. Id rather be honest with you guys than tell you my wife made me haha because she liked it... Anyways if anyone wants it its up for grabs.

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Hello again everyone, now that I have my computer back and can respond to emails I am still in the process of selling my SCT X3 tuner. If your looking for a tuner and want a good price hit me up. (949) 500-6711 (Kevin) or send me a PM and I will check daily. Lets say $260 with shipping included but i'm open to offers since its more about someone getting joy from their car than my monetary gain :car: . Tuner is of course in the original box with all accompanying manuals, cords, software CD and of course the original SCT sticker for your car should you choose to put it on. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys soon and hopefully getting back to moding my car in other ways.

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Curious - Buy your tuner for $260 + $399 for a tune from Livernois = $660....Livernois sells the SCT WITH tune for $599. It really is a shame there is this strategy code you need - makes the tunes un-re-sellable....Bummer. 100% deprecation on the tune.


What really is the likely hood my strategy code would be the same? - small to none?


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