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My dealership sucks!

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So after having my engine blow at 750 miles. Then my AC compressor goes. Now I have been having this creaking noise that started after they replaced the engine. Then I lowered he car and it got worse. So they first said the springs are causing other parts to rub, BULLSHIT, then they stated all the other aftermarket suspension pieces are causing it, really, what other parts are there? Only springs. So finally they determined the creak is from the strut bearing. They don't want to warranty it because ford tech asked if there are aftermarket springs. So they say if I put the stock springs back in they will warranty the job. So I state I will pay for the bearing and the labor as it is still cheaper then switching the springs. The tech says he doesn't want to do it because the eibachs are a complicated part and he doesn't want to deal with it. After arguing with the service manager, she states that if she tells another tech to do it, she's going behind his back. What a bunch of tools. I went to the dealer I bought my edge from, he said no problem and they will warranty it, it's a $40 part. The original dealer was worried about a tech coming out. They didn't come out for a $10,000 engine, an $800 torque converter, or an AC compressor.

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In my case, Ford has always sided with the dealer.... Leaving me high and dry on two occasions now. I did finally find a dealer that takes my concerns seriously. But this SHO, being my first Ford and the experience up to this point (I've only put 11k miles on the car, bought used with 7k miles on it), and the fact that only a single issue has been remedied has me believing I will not be a repeat customer. I've actually been looking at the possibility of trading it in to go back to Audi for the past couple weeks now. But I'm flip floppin more then a politician with this decision. Take a loss to get a car from a dealership that has always been above and beyond. Or keep it and hope that this dealership manages to fix everything...


So I guess I'm saying Rockgt302, my dealer experience seems to align with yours. Bad Ford dealerships seem to be more common then good ones................ At least from my personal experience, not sure how many I went through before my current one... somewhere's around 5 or 7.

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I am going out on a limb here...but, with only 7K on it, I might have been little skeptical about why it was traded. Did the salesman give you a reason for the low mileage trade? I am just curious if the original owner had problems and just dumped it. Seems he/she would have taken a beating on a trade.


It is a shame you have had dealer problems. I can honestly say my dealer has been great. The took outstanding care of my 2011 Mustang GT/CS, even doing TSB's when I asked, without question. They replaced my driveshaft and had Ford overnight it to them, and my car was done that afternoon. They had it for two days. So, I bought my 2013 SHO from them and received a great deal on the trade for the Mustang. I haven't had the SHO back for service, yet, but they will get my business.

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I've taken mine to Hassett and Levittown.

No problem with either so far, but haven't had any issues w mine, just oil changes.

Hassett's waiting room is tiny tho!



2010 CinnaSHO


ps hoping to get a chance to put those mufflers on this weekend!

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