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Sorry if this is covered somewhere else. I tried the search function, but am having a hard time adjusting to the new layout. I also tried google briefly.


Are the DTC's listed somewhere for the 2013 SHO? I went to install a tune and came up with four codes. Didn't want to continue until I found out what they were.


I pulled U1059, U0424, U0533, and U0534.


Thanks for any help you guys can provide.


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No DTC's are listed anywhere on the site as far as I'm aware of......


Well, at least not in a nice, compiled list that is...... especially for you 2013 owners.


But feel free (since you looked up the 4 that popped up for you) to take the time to list them here in their thread respectfully.


If you do so, I'll likely place it as a sticky in the proper section of course.




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I used this site to look them all up. Feel free to drop that link in a sticky. I think it can be used to look up DTCs regardless of year / make / model.




As it turns out U0533 and U0534 are invalid data from left and right side obstacle control module


U0424 is invalid data from HVAC control module


U1059 is transmission position data invalid.


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