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Llumar Pinnacle Series 15% Tint

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I drove out to Newark, DE today after locating the only shop in the area that sold Llumar Pinnacle and uses a machine to cut the tint. It was a long day but at least my car was tinted with quality. I ended up settling for 15% all the way around including the moonroof. The option was 15% and 35%, I wasn't too keen on wanting 35%. The tint is amazing as always, I had it on my last car and that one was 5% on back doors and glass with 35% on front doors (Texas law). The only thing I don't like is that 15% you can see from behind the car due to windshield, with the 5% on my last car it was blacked out. I'm hoping the amount of light allowed in will keep the law off my case. I know today I didn't have any issues.


One thing I will note, and my mate laughed at me. It's quite hard to see dark roads with 15% tint on front drivers window compared to 35%! ;)






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Did you use this guy? http://www.tintglass.com/ I live about 20-30 minutes from them...when I get my windows done I'm thinking about going to him...how much it run you?


No, I used Formula One Tinting & Graphics on Olgetown Road.


I had the Llumar Pinnacle installed for $460. They have a machine that pre-cuts the film so no need for razors in your car. I like that the best.

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460 for tint holly balls


It's worth it.


The Forumla One line from Llumar requires dealers to have a laser cutting machine--all tint panels are pre-cut and no razors are ever used (because the tint is thicker).






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