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20x9 wheels?

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Darrell, or FirstSHO oughta be bale to tell you their tire info..... I forgot, but know they were running 20x9's.


I think FirstSHO recently dropped to 18's, but not sure if that was for track purposes only :noidea:


There are others out there that had been, or are, also running the 20x9's.


If no one posts up with tire sizes, I'll dig around (when time permits) and try to find that out.







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http://www.ebay.com/itm/20-WHEELS-RIMS-BLACK-CIRCUIT-CALIBER-INTREPID-MUSTANG-/400487032915?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5d3ee32853&vxp=mtr These woud look good i think on our cars and they are 20x9...you could put 275's on there' date=' but i'm still not sure if that will help with traction, probably should because it's wider![/quote']


That wheel only has a +30 offset which on a 20x9 is probably going to be sticking out from your fenders a little bit and may cause some turning clearance issues especially if you go with a wider tire. You will definitely want to stay with a +38 or higher offset on a 20x9 wheel.


The Motegi MR120 would look good --> http://www.customwheelsexpress.com/custom-wheels-by-brand-motegi-motegi-racing-mr120-120-satin-black-custom-rims-wheels-p-877.html


The Lorenzo WL036 would also look sweet --> http://www.customwheelsexpress.com/custom-wheels-by-brand-lorenzo-lorenzo-wl036-wl36-gloss-black-with-milled-accents-custom-rims-wheels-p-1717.html


Give CustomWheelsExpress.com a shout, I have inside knowledge that they are good guys and great prices and great service ;)


Personally though, I want to go with the Lorenzo Forged LF895 wheel --> http://www.customwheelsexpress.com/custom-wheels-by-brand-lorenzo-forged-lorenzo-lf895-forged-monoblock-custom-wheel-p-1865.html

It makes my mouth water:RpS_razz: but the forged monoblock wheels don't come cheap.

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