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SHO - 1, Coon - 0

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Hit a raccoon this morning, on the way to work. Dark, farm to market road, non-reflective coon... did not have a chance. Partially ripped off the plastic that is under radiator. I think it ripped off where it connects to the front cover, so might be screwed on how it attaches back, will see whe I get home in a bit, and get it up on my lift.


I hope I get lucky.


My dually died on me last Thursday, so it is down for a bit, and the Lightning has the motor out of it also... dont need another one out. Had to take the wifes Lightning to work today.

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Sounds like you and I have something in common. I hit (a rather large) one, that darted out into the roadway while I was passing a large park / wooded area.


Damn thing was going after what appeared to be a McDonald's bag that had been discarded and left in the roadway.


Tore off my custom lower front chin spoiler, damaged front under belly pan, the bottom portion of the front bumper clip, both inner fender wells, and dislodged the psgr side LED marker.


Replacement parts alone have run me $1,100 thus far, not including paint work, or the 3M Clearguard / Clear bra replacement.


I made a thread on it, that included pics. But I've chosen to perform some addt'l body work besides just the repairs noted above, and I'm sure I'll be around $3K when it's all said and done. :doh:






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I ran over a dead deer in the middle of the interstate while heading on vacation. Had the car for two whole months. I had time to center myself over the deer (avoiding it in the middle of the night would have been impossible) and while I did hear some thuds and the family woke up, the car came through with no damage.

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I took one out in NW Houston when mine had 840 miles on it. Pushed in the bottom grill, ripped a couple of tabs off the chin spoiler and dropped the belly pans. Since mine is a PP car, the cooler was twisted some also, but not to the point is would need to be replaced. Very angry that night.

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