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Took my SHO out to the strip


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Last night for the first time.


2013 SHO W / PP


Had a great time last night at Famoso Drag Strip.


I was able to make 10 passes last night in the SHO in stock form (no mods yet).


Quickest e.t. was 13:74

Slowest e.t.was 13:88


Speeds were 100-101 mph


Reaction times were .036 to .176.


Very consistent and a load of fun to drive!!

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For stock runs, not too shabby.


What's great about these cars, at least from all the runs i've seen, both in person, as well as on video, is that they are VERY consistent performers.


Time and time and time again, the plop down very similar #'s, run after ruh after run......


I can't recall any recent car platform, Foreign, or Domestic, that's been such a consistent performer.


Just wait til you start modding it! Oh my! :thumb:


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Definitely consistent, I was playing with different techniques I.e. drive mode, sport mode, trac control on/off, shallow stage vs slightly deeper stage and still ran that consistent.


So far I found sport mode w trac control on with shallow stage giving the best e.t.'s, 60 ft and mph.

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