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SHo vs tuned GT-R, E63 AMG and... Turbo Cobalt SS

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Hey guys!


I went to the track two nights ago. A guy loved my SHO and filmed me against a tuned GT-R and then he came in my car to film against a E63 Wagon (V8 TT 5.5 L with performance package bringing it to 550hp and 590lbs tq). Then against a Cobalt SS... Not a big match, but you get to see the gauges very well. The guy who installed them couldn't figure how to plug the gauges to the dimmer, so they are sometimes blue, sometimes red... For the moment. I need to buy the adequate oil filter adapter to complete the install of the gauges...


My car still needs to be tuned more agressively. Dan at Livernois didn't have enough time while I was there to crank it up... My 2010 was a bit faster, but I believe this one should be faster when it will be tuned as agressive as the 2010. But still, even with an unprepped track I was able to get a better 60' than that tuned GT-R using launch control! I got a 1.77 and he got a 1.79! Gotta love it! I got a RT of 0.03 and the GT-R of 0.49, so I was still ahead of him until 1/8th mile, but then he finisshed with a 11.66 and me a 12.32...


Sorry for my English accent at the end of the video! lol










Cobalt SS:


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I found a new video of my race against that tuned G-TR. It was filmed from the E63 AMG wagon that I have raced a few times that night. The guys' comments are funny. It took 300 m for that G-TR to catch up with me since I got a good RT. Enjoy!





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