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Intermittent Squeak Sound - seems to be from center channel or right front channel

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I've got the MKS with the THX surround sound stereo. Lately I've noticed an intermittent squeak or hum from a speaker, it seemed to be from the center channel or right front channel. It's an odd sound to describe, it's not consistent or persistent, sort of a high-pitched honk. I've noticed it here and there over the last several months but it's seemed to have gotten really bad of late, I don't know if the warmer weather could somehow be impacting it or what but it's pretty annoying. I will probably take it to the dealer and have them look at it but figured I'd ask here if anyone had any ideas what it might be first.

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Have tou checked the glasses compartment where the lights are? Sometimes the noise seems to come from somewhere, but it can be tricky. I have a little rattle there and it disappear when I press there. Also, on my 2010, I had a rattle that was coming from the defrost vents close to the window. It was stopped by removing it and reinstalling it with 2-sides tape...

But it is probably the speakers, so hopefully your dealer will find it... Let us know once fixed.

Good luck!

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