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Fumoto Oil Change Valve

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Here are a few pictures of the Fumoto valve I purchased to install on the SHO with the next oil change. You will notice that I also purchased the adapter they say is needed for our engine. I have installed these valves on other vehicles and currently have one on our Explorer. They work great and make oil changes easier. Although it does take a few minutes longer for the oil to drain then removing the oil drain plug. Not sure if the adapter will be needed, they called for one on our old Taurus but it wasn't required. I will update after install. Here are the photos:









BTW, I also purchased a valve for our 99 Sable. It sure makes oil changes easier when the only tool you need is the oil filter wrench.

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The valve cost $23.95 for the one I got or you can get one with a nipple so you can attach a hose for $26.95. The adapter extension is $5.95, although I am not sure if it is needed. It was not needed on my 98 Taurus with the DOHC engine..I will post once I install mine. Also shipping and handling is $5.00 but if you order 2 it is free USPS ground shipping. I got 2 and used the free shipping and mine arrived in 3 days, they are shipped from Ohio. You can order at Qwik Valve.com.


Here's the link: http://www.qwikvalve.com/

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Hey mjhpadi! Did the F107 work on the SHO? I was thinking about this as well.


Yes, it worked fine, however you don't need the extension..and I believe the oil drains a little faster if you don't use the extension...but still very pleased with it, and it makes doing oil changes really simple...hardest part is removing the under engine tray!

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