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Recall Issued; 2013 Model Year

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My best friend is an assistant service manager at the Ford house; he emailed this to me.


Explorer, Taurus, MKS, Flex, MKT, Fusion, MKZ, and Police Interceptor Utility and Sedan Vehicles


Looks like some of these cars have fuel leaks occurring; I was told to monitor my car and watch for a smell.



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I just posted in another location of the forum. I should go remove it or post a link to this one.



Adelsin..... I saw your post regarding this recall notice.


For brevity purposes, and due to the fact that this thread has the recall notice added as an attachment, I'll be deleting the thread you created.


Thank you on behalf of your fellow 2013 Eco owners for getting this info out there. Well actually thanks goes out to both of you. :hail:


Just wanted to give you a heads up.


Mike :yo:



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Nothing yet. occasionally though, when I feather the gas pedal (trying to decide to go while turning right while people are turning left), and then smash it, It will not do anything. A couple of times, I floored it, winded out second and then just stop. Actually thrusts me forward. idk if related or not.

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