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Anybody wire up a switch so you can manually turn the fans on? I am..

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Ok, Ive found the wires, and tested everything, and it all works, just havent put it all together yet. Just wondering if anybody else has, and how they did it.


Im basically adding a relay and switch to just the passenger side fan thats directly in front of the motor, the other fan is more under the air filter, I could do both fans, but 1 fan moves a lot of air.


Just wondering if anybody has done it, and how you did it.

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On my grand prix I just had the computer programmed to keep them on a few minutes after shutting the car off, never thought of using a switch for them. That sounds like a good idea, mind mentioning/showing where the wire is? Or a diagram or something?

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Yea I took a couple of pictures. It is a little different than normal though. There are 2 wires going to the actual fan, not the module. Green is positive and black is ground. You actually need to hook up a relay to add a high current ground. Basically instead of having a high current positive input into the relay, you need to hook it up to high current negative(battery ground) then just hook up the out put of the relay to the black negative wire of the fan.

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Correct me if I'm way off here' date=' but if your engine is off, its not cooling. To cool the water pump has to be moving coolant through the engine and rad, now running the fan with the engine off will cool the contents of the rad but do nothing for the engine itself.[/quote']


True, but in conjunction with a electric water pump. Now we'd have something there, not sure whats available by way the after market and how feasible it would be to do. But I know many foreign car make us of secondary electric water pumps.

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Correct, it will help cool the coolant that is in the radiator, and will help keep the heat moving out of your engine bay, so it will help stop the motor from heat soaking. If you are slowly moving up in line at a track, you will start the engine for 10-15 seconds to move forward, then turn the car off again, during that time the cooler fluid will be pushed into in engine.


When you look down at your fan module, there are 3 plugs total, 1 large (input) and 2 outputs(1 for each fan). Unplug the top large input plug, and then you will be able to get to the plug directly under it which is for the passenger side radiator fan.


That plug has 2 wires. Black, and Green. This is a negative triggered circuit, so you need to add a heavy gauge wire(I used a 12gauge wire) to the Black wire on the plug.



Thats the only factory connection you need to get. The rest is adding a relay, and a switch, which I just hooked up straight to the battery.


On a normal 5 wire relay, you will need to use 4 of the wire.

Heavy gauge ground from the battery, to pin 30, I used 12gauge.

Heavy gauge ground from the Fan to pin 87, 12gauge again.

Light gauge ground wire for pin 85. Very thin gauge, maybe 18 or 20.

Light gauge wire 12V Constant, to your switch input, then your switch output to Pin 86, again 18-20 gauge.

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