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Headliner vibration on 13's?

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I've been searching through posts trying to figure out how to make the buzzing/vibration go away on my car, but the one post I found here showed a wire bundle that I dont see when I look at the passenger side of my moon roof. Can anybody give me some guidance on how to fix this if there's a fix for this?


It's gotten to be really annoying.

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Uh; I don't have headliner vibration.
Only happens when the moon roof is open all the way. If you just place your hand on it the vibration stops.


My fix was to order the car without the moon roof :)


I did have to have the car in for the center console groan/creak issue, and apparently there is a rattle issue with the PS airbag in the 2010-13s, they flocked the crap outta my center console (you read that right) and the replacement airbag gets installed Wednesday. The center console has been quiet (Finally!) since the work was done.

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