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Wierd noise upon startup

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Whenever my car sits for more than 15 or so minutes the car makes a terrible loose, wierd piston slap kind of valve train noise upon starting. It has seemed to get noticeably louder to the point that a passenger asked me "what is that?" when we went to lunch the other day. The noise goes away about 7-10 seconds after staring and the car is running amazing with no noises at idle or while driving after this occurs just upon starting. In fact, I am getting my personal best MPG (24.2) and the car ran a 13.16 quarter mile at Livernois customer appreciation day in May. I will try and get a video. It almost sounds like there is NO oil at startup. It's very wierd and has me quite concerned as I just crossed 70k miles. Any thoughts guys or guesses on what to look for or check would be appreciated.

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Good points guys. It definitely had something to do with the oil. I just changed the oil on Wednesday night and the noise is gone. I had suspected it and checked the level before the oil change and it was perfect so it's kind of funny how after a quick oil change the noise is gone with the new oil being at the same level as the old oil. Hmmm. I guess I will just keep my ears open and see if it returns. On a side note I did get the car 15% tinted all around on Thursday afternoon as a treat to her! She is dark as heck. Looks great the guy who did was exacting.

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