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How to upgrade my interior dome lights


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I was wondering if anyone else has upgraded their dome lights to LED. I have already figured out the center one, but I can not seem to figure out the two side ones. I have tried forever now to figure it out. Any help anyone could give me would be very helpfully. Thanks in advance.

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Try here: http://www.ecoboostownerforums.com/forum/ecoboost-taurus-sho-mks-forum/ecoboost-sho-mks-appearance-detailing/149-how-to-upgrade-your-interior-lights-to-led-s-2010-my

However, be careful when ordering bulbs, my car was built on 30 Nov. 2009 and Mike's was built on 10 Dec. 2009 and the fixtures are different. The bulbs that Mike used would not fit in my fixtures, I had to use a shorter bulb, so if your fixtures are not the same as Mike's you may require the bulbs I used. You should be able to tell when you look at the fixtures whether they are like Mike's or mine...also check your build date, that should also help.

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