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Octane ???

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The CAR's O2 will sense the different octane and retard the timing. But it will try to upgrade the timing if you put you foot in it. I would just add some 93 oct to the tank to raise the octane but not Octane boost,Rick (our LMS REP) once said that the octane boost use different ways to boost the octane and SOME are not good for our engine. This is what I know BUT CALL LMS BE SURE!

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You could always go buy some Torco and just add it to your tank. Depending on how much you add, you could bump it up to 95 or higher pretty easily. They most likely don't sell it at your neighborhood Autozone, so you might need to call the "speed shops" around you. Should be around $20-30 for a 32oz bottle depending on the store.

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Play it safe put it back to stock. Octane booster wont do anything unless your putting 10 bottles in. The stuff doesn't work like most think it does, 108 is a brand name and will not make you gas any where near that. If remember correctly the octane booster they sell at auto part stores only raise your octane rating .5 at best so at 89 to bring to 93 you'd need 8 bottles. Torco being the exception.

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