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I know this is going to be somewhat vague, but i'm experiencing a natural gas odor when my windows are down every so often after driving and come to a stop such as a stop light, where i sit for a couple of minutes.

I have had this car for about 3 months and have smelled it off and on, initially thinking it was somewhere in the interior, but never really thought much of it, but the more i smell it the more i question it ?

Again the best way i can describe it is a natural gas smell ?.....Catalytic converter maybe , but those usually have a sulfur smell ?






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Maybe in the old days the cat converter had a sulfury (?) smell, but know when I get behind a car that is laboring on a long, steep hill,,,,the smell is different...guess you could say it's kinda like a natural gas order...but are you sure to order is from your car or from one around you? I have never really had any strange smell from my car, but I know when I have my window down, sometimes I even get a wife of cigarette smell if a car with a smoking driver passes or is in front of me....

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LOL yeah that sulphur smell could be overpowering at times -=:RpS_tongue:=-- but seriously, It's got to be the exhaust and if the cats get messed up they can give off that kind of stench......Next time you notice it go sniff the e/pipes.....


If it's not that then check your drawers for 'lumps'.....:RpS_tongue:



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