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interior lights don't work right

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My interior lights worked fine. I replaced them with LEDs and they worked great. I have had the LEDs in for about 2 weeks now. Last night I tried to turn one of them on individually, however I was starting the car up and they were in the process of dimming. The light didn't turn on, and then I couldn't get it, or any of them to turn on individually.


Now, the directional lights in the back don't light up at all (I was trying to turn on the front passenger one, didn't even touch the directional ones), and I can't turn on the front lights by using the buttons. I have to open the door (which still doesn't turn on the directional lights) or use the button on the dash. If I turn the lights on using the button on the dash or having the door open then I can individually turn off/on the 2 lights up front using their buttons, which I could never do this before. It's like the operation of the lights is switched from how it is suppose to be, and the back directionals don't turn on at all now.


How do I fix this? lol I am going to try to disconnect the battery for a couple minutes today and hope that fixes it. I don't want to take it to a dealer because I am sure they will say that the LEDs messed it up.


Edit: I just unplugged the battery for 20 minutes. It didn't fix it. Could it be a fuse..?

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