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2013 SHO - 5 New Livernois Tunes


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Livernois now has 5 tunes for the 2013 SHO.


Last year they only had a 4++



Anyone have a breakdown of the specs for each?


The troubling thing is that the updated 4++ tune has a vivid disclaimer *USE AT YOUR OWN RISK*


I am hoping that last years 4++ Tune is not equal to this years 4 Plus tune. That disclaimer was not there last year.


Any info would be appreciated.



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Last year they only sold one 4++ tune for the 2013, but when comparing descriptions with the new releases - I think it aligns with the new Stage 4.


If last year's 4++ is the same as this year's 4 Plus, then there may be an issue with being overly tuned.


Rick told me that 4++ was "safe", but the 4 Plus being sold this year has a disclaimer.


The Stage 5 requires meth.

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Livernois told me the 2013 has a different strategy from the others, and the 4++ closely resembles the 4 Plus tune, but without the scary disclaimer.


Of course these are all technically use at your own risk, but the 2013 4+ tune is designed to be within tolerances.


That being said there is a new version of the tune available for 2013 owners.

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