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Fuel injector MELTED on MKS ecoboost. Need warranty advice.

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About 6 months ago I was headed to see a buddy in Arizona leaving Kansas and it started to rain the biggest raindrops I had ever seen (I mention this because of issues reported with cars stalling in humidity or moisture somewhere after the intake). My car lost all power so I headed home. It ran like it was missing on a few cylinders only it smoked. It continued smoking even for several seconds after turning the car off. Turning the car on was very difficult. It smelled and seemed like the car was flooded. On the way home my car consumed about 4X the normal fuel rate. The dealer said my injector melted. She drove real doggy after that so a few months later I took it back into the dealership while the light was still on and they replaced a catalytic converter clogged with plastic from the melted injector. She drove better but still doggy and the engine light came on and stayed on for a few miles so I took her back to the same dealership and they replaced the second cat which was clogged with plastic from the melted injector. I just took her back for running doggy and they said a few of the spark plugs had a ceramic failure that caused the inside ceramic piece to basically float around in there. She still isn't running right and I'm sure I have plastic from the injector in more of my car. Everywhere from the cylinder to the turbo impellers to the exhaust pipes, down pipe, mufflers and most likely back into my injectors. My only modification to the car is an Airaid intake.

I've been to 3 different dealerships to fix the issue and the most recent dealership didn't understand how plastic could get into my cats since the injector couldn't melt. He thought the plastic magically appeared from raw fuel being sent to my cat after a HOSE delivering fuel to my injector melted. He didn't understand that the plastic made it through my engine into my cats. I do not have documentation on if it was plastic that melted or if it was the injector that melted; however, the original dealership told me the injector melted due to a leak in the fuel system. The lead mechanic at the 2nd dealerships had some harsh words to say about the 1st dealership not fixing the car right when they replaced the first cat. He had some harsh words to say about his own shop after I took the car back in and they had to replace the 2nd cat. When I took the car in for them to replace the 2nd cat he told me I was getting all new exhaust from the 2nd cat back. When I went to pick the car up the service department manager told me they only replaced the 2nd cat and couldn't replace the exhaust because they couldn't prove there was plastic in there. He said they didn't have a "scope" that would let them see inside the exhaust and Ford wouldn't let them replace parts just because someone thinks are broken. Their head mechanic disappeared once I started to complain.

Here's my issue. I thought everything would be sorted out about 20,000 miles before now. My CPO warranty runs out at 100,000 miles. Today the car has 98,500 so I need to find a way to actually resolve this issue now.


Now when I shut my car off a thin trail of smoke spews out for about a minute meaning plastic is still in my exhaust/engine but Ford/Lincoln says there is no plastic but wants me to take it back to a dealership. I think I wanna take my MKS to another mechanic to prove there is plastic in the engine but am not sure what steps.


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I am interested too - I am also surprised one (or more) dealer did not try to void the warranty because of the intake. I am not at all saying that's what caused it, but if you told the rain story to them, I can see them saying the intake was to blame and was not sealed enough.....

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