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With the excited expectation of "my new" 2011 SHO tomorrow (not sure I can sleep tonight) and my best buddy's boasting of the known top end of his 2012 Chrysler Hemi 300C (130 mph) I need to find out what I could expect the top end of my 2011 SHO shoulda/coulda/woulda be. I'm not interested in petal to the metal here in deer infested Northern IL/Southern WI. I need to shut him up with facts here on the internet ( :lie: )

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EB Bob, you are in my element. This guy, who doesn't ride 2 wheels, has only heard of ND, WI, but probably would not appreciate ND. Not to say that I am all that fond of it. Too many pretentious HD bar flies end up there. Typically, I ride thru there after havin' ridden 350 miles thru SW WI. I hate the Puckers and the Badgers (in a sport sense), but thrive upon SW WI's geography.

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Meh, Top speeds are definitely not cool and with various nannies installed on ECU's by manufacturers these days, they really are meaningless.


Acceleration is where it's at and as many have proven at the track, very good on our 4WD SHO's, especially from a dig.


Don't forget a tune from Rick.:RpS_thumbup:



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