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Livernois tune with upgraded turbo dyno results

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Got my car back from Livernois over the weekend after getting a custom tune for the following modifications: Upgraded turbos with Garrett GTX billet compressor wheels and Turbosmart wastegates PPE catted downpipes Corsa catback EBPP intercooler pipes w/ Turbosmart BOV Livernois/Alky meth kit 3 BAR map Stock intake w/ K&N SP534 plugs 170* thermostat 387 HP / 404 TQ Update: talked to Andy the final pull was actually 395 / 443 There was some confusion on the final numbers and that was cleared up last night. Disregard the following paragraph. I'm happy with 443 TQ, that's where I expected to be at. I spoke to Dan before the tune and he mentioned with the setup the car is pretty much capable for whatever I want but suggested I keep it around 400 HP for longetivity. I agreed since this is my DD. I was expecting more TQ though -- it seems quite low. I don't think I would have had a second thought had a left with 400-415 HP and 430-440 TQ. Those numbers are similar to what another 2013 with the basically the same modifications was making. I hooked up my Scan Gage last night and it looks like im seeing around 14 lbs in 1st and 2nd gear and it is steady at 16 lbs 3rd gear and on. The Scan Gage is not instantaneous so it's hard to get a good number in 1st and 2nd as quick as the gears change. At this point the turbos seems like a waste but more power with less boost overall than running meth only is always good. I may look into further tuning in the future to make this setup more worthwhile. Applying the new V8 tune to the upgraded turbo application took them a month to get right so hopefully I can swing up and get more tuning done in just a day for more power now that all the initial tuning is complete. I'll get around to scanning the dynosheet at some point.

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Thanks Steven. I should have known. IIRC I think you need 3 Bar w/ Meth. I'm not sure because I really haven't looked into it. I'm glad your last pull was a little better.

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