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Sometimes it feels like the car is faster at 3/4 throttle vs WOT to me. I don't have any numbers to back this up just what it feels like in the seat of my pants. Has anyone else thought this?


That's because EcoBoost uses DBW in a rather unusual way, method. Throttle plate position does not of necessity relate directly to accelerator pedal position. Throttle plate may well be WOT at the half way depression point of the gas pedal, turbo wastegates are being used to (linearly?) extend the engine throttle range. Once throttle plate is at WOT, ZERO manifold pressure, the servomotor wastegates begin closing. Now, the more, further, you depress the gas pedal the more the wastegate(s) close.


The actual point of reaching WOT, actual throttle plate WIDE open and wastegate closure "takeover", will be somewhat dependent on the gear ratio currently selected.


Before you question this have a look at the reports of those having installed boost gauges and discovered they might read ZERO during light to moderate cruising.

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