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AirRaid, K&N and Livernois have CAI's. Which really aren't CAI's. They allow hot air from the engine compartment in. They are really for looks and sound. No performance benefit. We have found that the stock box with a K&N panel is really the way to go. Ford did a great job on the stock box. You may want to trim the outer hood molding in front of the scoop. For Cat Backs, again, mostly just for looks and sound. Corsa is very popular and it bolts right on. Borla and Magnaflow also make them but they need to be welded on. I run non-catted down pipes with stock exhaust. The stock cats are the point of tightest restriction. You can get down pipes from PPE or Livernois. And, they are less expensive than cat backs.

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The only reason to do Airaid or K&N CAI is noise fluff, and eye candy there have been guys that have shown to be faster with the stock box maybe 1/10 in the quarter. That said I have the K&N on mine. You can really hear the turbos spool and the blow off valves. Apparently S&B is working on a true CAI but no eta has been announced. I also have the corsa and love it.

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Sorry for the late reply on getting a video up but here is a video of my setup excuse the wind noise it was windy but I have corsa catback k and n cai and BOV to VTA conversion. Sound clip 2010 sho:

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Is this video taken with your window down? If so could you post another with the windows up? I'm liking the luxury sports car, just not sure how loud the cockpit will be.

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