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Llumar Window Tint

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Llumar is made by Eastman (Kodak) and supposedly blocks all UV light, I contacted one dealer but they only do home and business windows, not automotive. I'm not sure it's better than any other brand, but it seems like pretty good stuff. I haven't looked completely over this site, but here's a place that my tell you more about Llumar than I know:


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Mike I agree with you about the guy doing it...but this is another area where I don't know anyone who does window tinting, so I'm kinda at the mercy of finding someone, so I thought I would go with one of Llumar's dealers if it is reasonably priced.

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Probably just another competitor, I got a quote of $380 to do my car...will probably have it done in the spring. It's in State College (closest dealer) so it will be a whole day for me.

Mark, I know a group called Shades of Grey in Feasterville who can do it for half that price with better quality. My buddy Nick at Oakes Detailing uses only them for his Lamborghini's, Ferrari's and Spyker's.


PM me for more info. I'm having them do my SHO in May.

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I use Llumar Axcess CTX on the side and rear windows, and Llumar Air Blue on the front and sunroof. Love it. The Air Blue was very costly when I had it installed. But I like this tint because it blocks out 99% of the UV light, which is my main concern.

I am not aware of the Air Blue, could you give me details, I wasn't planning on having any tint on the front but if this only blocks UV light, I would be up for that too, I just don't want to lose any light with a front tint. 

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