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Fun in the sun and a new found respect!


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I had been planing this for a while, I took the family out to the track for some fun. I am very conservative on the street and drive like a granny with my family in the car. So it's by better halve, my 18 year old daughter and 6 year old son. I asked when checking in if I could make the first pass with my daughter in the car. The fellow was already familiar with my car, his response was sure. Just let off before the end of the quarter. I did and still pulled a 13.25 lol. Needless to say she was impressed, It was a solo pass as the track was almost deserted. I made a few more passes and was able to net a 12.85 (it was 85F and DA was like 3000). So a bit of fun. Then my son's incredible luck as usual checks in (I mean he has the best luck I have ever seen). It turns out that a local forum had a track meet scheduled yesterday. All exotics lol. From Lambos, GTRs even a 458 Itallia and Audis all kinds (even an R8). For a 6 year old to see a 458 race a Lambo, its the ultimate dream! This is where it gets interesting. Even though I didn't get to race the R8 (V8 only) the best he could muster was a 13.2. My sons eyes glaze over and he realizes that his dads SHO is faster than an Audi R8 ;) . I have some pics and vids below. It was a great day to go to the track, I haven't had that much fun in a long time.


My Son taking a pic of my SHO. You know you have a cool car when.... .



My SHO VS a 300SRT



My Sho VS a Mustang GT 5.0



Lambo VS GTR. (Lambo pulled a 11 flat)





Old School Muscle (these guys were in the low 10's)


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I just copied the link from the address bar and used the "link" button to insert. Very cool that you brought the family. I bring my daughter and grandsons when I can.

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