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I wish the MKS had a cool dust cover like the SHO. Ours is just plain with Ecoboost embossed in black. So I did this LINCOLN badge addition (but still wish it was more like the SHO cover). I liked it at first but now am questioning whether it is tacky.:



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Thanks all - not usually a fan of tacking on wood - but the center console black is a large area and the tactile feel of the plastic there leaves something to be desired. The rest of the MKS interior is pretty good quality feel materials (substantial/padded/etc). That area though, not so much.

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Not really a great big deal, however, I decided (albeit at last minute) to participate in my local community's "car show / cruising" event tonight.


No awards or anything, and there's no judging or any entry fee(s). It's basically if you have a cool car, show up, and enjoy the atmosphere. Simple as that.


The community puts on this event each Monday (weather contingent of course) and I figured hey what the hell.....


They had pretty decent food from local restaurant's, as well beer/wine/pop/refreshments/etc., along with a fairly decent 80's cover band which was a pleasure to listen to.


Didn't capture really any images outside of my car alone, however, everyone in attendance seemed to gravitate around my car exclusively.


Many fellow car enthusiast's and entrants alike, were astounded at my SHO and were very complimentary of it's performance, appearance, and just overall "wow" factor.


It was a pleasure to speak with (and I'll use this term loosely) "older" folk, who harkened back to their days in driving a Ford Taurus (SHO, or otherwise).


A lot of the younger teens and twenty something's, also were drawn to the car, and were more tech oriented than the "elder" generation when it came to inquiring about the car's capabilities.


Anyhow, enough babbling..... because there was a threat of rain, I opted NOT to bust out all the carpeting and the electric converter box to keep the car powered up on regular household current, however, I did decide to break out a FEW of the related display materials..... as such, here's a few pics:


















Was lot's of fun and more enjoyable than what one would consider a "customary" car show, as in tonight's event, there was no judging, or awards, or anything of the like, therefore I think that lifted the burden on a lot of the car entrants, as they didn't really feel pressured so to speak, to make their car as impeccably clean and what not, as one normally would where awards are involved.


Hope y'all enjoyed!

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