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Multi contour seats/lumbar issues

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I have the multi contour seats and recently I've noticed the lumbar on the seat backs of both the driver and passenger seats will sometimes randomly inflate to full when I start the car. It doesn't always happen but when it does it's an annoyance to have adjust them back down to a comfortable setting. I've searched around online and found that a lot of people have encountered this problem. My car is out of warranty and I know the dealer will charge and arm and a leg to tear out the seats to figure out the problem. If anyone else here has encountered this and had it fixed, what exactly was the problem and how was it fixed? What parts were replaced? Thanks!

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I have had this exact problem, I know it required the seats being taken out unfortunately I don't know what had to be replaced since mine was under warranty. I think I would contact a dealer and Ford. Since this is a known problem maybe they would be willing to work out something with you to fix this at an affordable rate...it's worth a try. Good luck with it. BTW, I will check with my dealer about what had to be replaced to correct the problem when I take the car in for the license plate light recall.

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