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Tilted Kilt Woodridge, IL. Sunday 09/07/2014....


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~~Hard to believe the show season's ramping down already for 2014. Where the hell did this past Summer go exactly?


I mean I know I've been busy with the kid's and what not, work, and of course our craptastic past Winter of '13/'14 that never seemed to want to ever end and brought forth new terminology that I'd just as quickly rather erase from the memory banks..... the term "Polar Vortex". Geezuz.


Anyhow, just shocked the season's nearly finished.


As such, I decided since it was my weekend off, and I literally just got done picking the car up from having the Megan Coil Overs & the Power Grid Adjustable End Links installed, I thought to spend a better part of the Saturday detailing up the car (once again) and loading up all the various display material, and head out to a show being sponsored by Double K Productions.


The show itself was held at the Tilted Kilt in Woodridge, IL. this was one of four shows that Double K Productions held over this past weekend, all in various locales in and around the suburban Chicagoland area.


Fairly good attendance with nearly 70 cars having registered, but oddly enough, no bikes? Weird.


I guess the girls aren't really allowed to come out of the restaurant all that much, but did get mgmt. approval to hand out the trophy's. Ugh.


So, I was pleased that I ended up taking a winning trophy for my class, and there seemed to be a lot of interest in the SHO.


The younger teen's / 20 something's mentioned they saw my car featured on various Chicagoland racing web sites (none of which I knew) and were enthused to be able to see it in person. The thirty something's to my age bracket were all shocked exclaiming "that's a TAURUS!?!?". LOL


Rather than occupy a bunch of band width here on the forums, I'll just post a couple of pics of my SHO (as if y'all haven't seen that enough already, right?) as well as some old rusted out, beat up, jalopy (that oddly enough, parked right smack next to me). It was/is a 1931 Ford Model ?? which I associated with the old Jed Clampett ride straight out of The Beverly Hillbillies.


Entertaining fellow, and he came with all sorts of props himself. He kept me laughing throughout the show as I was making sure mine was clean and presentable, he was busting out all his old detailing polishes, cloths, etc. (circa the 1930's era mind you) exclaiming how well it maintained the finish on his...... LOL


Flip'n hilarious. He actually won "Best of Show" and deservedly so..... lots of history behind his ride, and all of us show attendees/participants alike, were captured by his story telling.


To that end...... onto the pics! (Oh yea, I'll toss the link up to the entire album at the very end). Enjoy!!






















"Best of Show" Winner here..... congrats to it's owner "John"......







Oh yea, before I forget, thanks also to Mr. Tim Pavlik (member over on SHOForum) who also came out with his rarely driven Pontiac G8 GXP..... we had a good time kicking back and catching up as neither of us have seen each other in some time.





Remainder of the album / pics located here: http://s229.photobucket.com/user/bpd1151/library/Tilted%20Kilt%20%20Woodridge%20IL%20090714?sort=3&page=1


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