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Hooter's Car Show, Downer's Grove, IL. 09/21/14


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Been keeping a watchful eye on the weather forecast as the weekend approached, and although rain& strong storms are forecast for our area today, tomorrow looks like it will be phenomenal weather.


As such, I will be participating in what is being dubbed as the "End of Season" BIG GRAND CHAMPION car show event by/for Double K Productions.


It is being held tomorrow, Sunday, September 21st, 2014 @ Hooter's located in Downer's Grove, IL.


Registration begins at 9am, awards sometime between 3-4pm.


For any of you in/around the Chicagoland / suburban area there of, c'mon out to check out what is anticipated to be a great event with lots of outstanding car and bike displays from all walks, model years, etc. etc.


Hell, maybe some of you will be brave enough to even consider entering / participating.


Either way, just wanted to toss it out there, and maybe I'll see a few fellow SHO / Taurus / Ecoboost owners!


I do believe my pal Jeff, owner of HKMedia Chicago will be coming out with camera and new lenses in hand, so might be an opportune time to have a pic snapped off as well.


Ciao for now good people.

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After spending the better part of Saturday detailing the car, Sunday attending the show, and then meeting up with Jeff and another one of his models named Megan, and then catching up on all the necessities of the home on Monday, I wanted to take a moment to post up the pictures and what not here.


Photos turned out nice. I took a few at the show myself, Jeff captured photos of Megan and our cars, then I decided to be a fool and take a couple pics of Jeff, while he was taking pictures of Megan. LOL.

Not too often one gets to see the man behind the lens in action.

Oh yea, took home an trophy for my class (2000 and up) and apparently the "Grand Champion" trophy was tabulated from all of the Hooter's shows throughout this calendar year.

The two people that won them (one for bikes, one for cars) had literally attended each and every (of 13 total) Hooter's shows. So hats off to them.

Anyhow..... here 'ya go:












Hats off to all the girls form the Downers Grove Hooter's who were all very cordial, playful, jovial, and just all around accommodating. There were five of the 2014 Calendar Girls there signing autographs, posters, etc. but due to the volume of spectators and participants alike hoarding around them, I couldn't capture any of them.


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~~Moving along, here's some shots Jeff captured of wonderfully talented and beautiful Megan who I found out, besides modeling privately, also works in marketing for both the Chicago Bears, and the Chicago Bulls. Very cool! Pics of Jeff's car, Megan, and my car as follows:



























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~~Finally, a few shots that I captured myself, after whipping out my own camera and capturing him in action. Rare photos of the man himself. Hahaha......












Notice the step ladder in one of those photos lurking in the background.


Poor Jeff. Megan towered over him, that he kept asking her to bend down repeatedly so he could obtain the shot he was looking for.


Finally, I spotted that step ladder way in the back of the loading dock, and grabbed it for him, suggesting he should wear some platforms himself for the next shoot.


Bwahahahahaha..... Hope y'all enjoyed the images. I had a blast.

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