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Drivers door won't open

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I have searched the board and haven't found the answer yet. My drivers door handle will not retract all the way back to the body when opening the door. The bigger problem is that when you lock the doors then unlock them you can not open the drivers door from the outside. The lock actuator appears to be working properly. Has anyone had this type of problem?

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No extended warranty so it looks like I get to pull the door panel. I know what you mean SHOnUup about the panel fitting tight. Maybe I will have the same luck with the MKS as I did with my daughters Acura TL. Took it off to replace a window regulator and everything went back into place and it's still tight.

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I forgot to report that I fixed my faulty exterior door handle. After getting the door panel off and finding no obvious broken parts I realized the door handle link, metal rod, was not keeping pressure on the handle. I simply put a little more bend in the rod and reinstalled the handle, bingo! That took the extra slack out of the handle and I can now open my door without putting the windows down and opening it from the inside.

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