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'14 SHO spare tire?

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After experiencing a tire failure due to a road hazard, was wondering if there are any wheel and tire combinations that can be used as a spare? The pump and can of slime are OK for a simple puncture, but what happens if you run over a bolt or something like that, that cannot be repaired. What about run flat tires, are there any that can be used on the SHO 20" wheels? Or does anyone have a source for the '14 Taurus steel police wheels Thanks, John

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Don't know if there are any run flat tires available in our size, but I know that I have a spare, only the PP equipped cars didn't come with a spare, but it's been a while since I checked mine (don't drive it much in bad weather) that I don't remember if it is a full size tire or just an emergency use only spare....

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