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YET ANOTHER LMS FIRST! Introducing the 2015 F150 Tuner!

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On the 3.5 Tuner, we are currently releasing stage 1, this tune is good for peak vs. peak gains of over 27hp and 28tq, with maximum gains of over 30hp and 33tq. All while being suited for 87 octane.





313 561 5500



As with all of our previous tuners, your purchase today gains you access to all future updates and revisions!



Now, we do want to forewarn our customers that this vehicle is not the normal 24-48 hour turn around that we have on other platforms. Based on the amount of pre-order requests we had, combined with the popularity of this truck we already know we will be overwhelmed.


Our stage 3 tune is under development, and we are looking for local BETA testers so we can finalize this tune and release it en-masse.


For those of you wondering about the gains we are seeing on stage 3, they are definitely promising. Stage 3 will be for 91 and 93 octanes, and with 93 octane we are seeing over 87hp and 123tq when comparing peak numbers, and there are maximum gains of over 92hp and 127tq!

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A bunch of clients have voiced concerns that their trucks shift too early at part throttle, sometimes making the truck feel like it shudders since the RPM is so low after the shift. Our tune addresses this issue, improving the fun that the truck provides in day to day usage.

And, the same is true for WOT. It shifts too early to take full advantage of the power on tap.

The final improvement in addition to power, and transmission shifting is our enhanced throttle response and feel. We took special note on areas in the factory throttle mapping that felt sluggish and unresponsive. We made the throttle feel much more linear and natural than that of the stock setting.


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Just purchased a 2013 F150 Ecoboost.  At this point it is still under warranty, but am looking at increasing towing power down the road.  My knowledge about tuners, etc. is very rudimentary.  I tow a travel trailer weighing in around 6,000 lbs.  The rear end is a 3.73 ratio and truck has the towing package.  I plan on changing the air intake and possibly a tuner at minimal cost but with increased towing hp and torque without hurting gas mileage.  I had towed with a 94 K2500 with 454 engine and needless to say the gas mileage was not good.  Imput from others is appreciated.

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Congrats on the new addition! I would definitely recommend adding a tuner, CAI and tstat combo for peak performance especially when towing 6,000#s!


Here at Livernois Motorsports, we are constantly thinking of new ways to show our appreciation for our clients and loyal followers. This in mind, we put together a power-packed 2011-2014 F150 Ecoboost Level 1 Plus performance package! Peak gains are 72 RWHP and 91 RWTQ. Max gains are much more around 108 RWHP / 118 RWTQ! We even give you a Livernois Motorsports plate frame as a bonus free gift! Below is some details on what you get  



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