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Build a 2013 SHO on Ford's site...

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So I was bored at work and decided to check out Ford's site and see if I can build a 2013. I noticed the brown interior insert option is gone, replaced with a light gray option. I must say, I wasn't diggin' the new front end, but now I'm really loving it since I can see it in different colors. The new 20" flower wheels look really good with black, gray, & silver exteriors. Spoiler comes in a flat/matte black for all cars, headlamps are tinted. The overall look is a step up, IMO.

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I hadn't been in there for a while and see that now we (in Canada) too can opt for the performance package - which means sacrificing the spare tire and Intelligent Cruise.


I probably would have gotten it were it available in '11 to get the 3:16 to 1 axle and suspension upgrades etc, but would have missed the intelligent cruise and spare tire.


The $10k factory incentive I got is nowhere to be found either.

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Yes yes yes............. to make it easier for those of you desiring to purchase the 2013.....


Here's some links for 'ya :thumb:


To build your 2013 SHO start here -------->





Oh yea, btw, check out the nifty new "Green Gem" color scheme......



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