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How the Focus ST guys are solving their fueling needs

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I moved on from the SHO to the Focus ST a while ago, but some of the product development happening on that platform I think can really help this platform in the area of fueling.


This is a quote from Focus ST.org vendor Stratified Automotive who has developed a bolt on 5th port injection throttle body spacer. I just wanted to share this as I really feel it has application here but I am just sharing and if you want information on development you will have to talk to Stratified Automotive.




Stratified Xtra Fuel System
We have thoroughly explored the limitations of the OEM fuel system on the ST. With the tools that COBB has given us through tuning the fueling limit sits around the 400whp level. To get there you have to use just enough high octane fuel (some E85 is the easiest way for most) and a bigger turbo.

However even with the OEM K03 turbo the fuel system struggles on 30% E85 down in the lower RPM band when making 370 ft lbs of torque or more. 

The components of the OEM fuel system that are a limitation around this horsepower and torque level are as follows:

- Injectors
- In-tank pump (This so far has not been replaced factory pump is providing enough pressure)

We have been working on all three fronts to create the most viable solutions.

The first solution is a WMI system. It does a lot of good things for this car:

1. It increases octane
2. It provides fueling and is good for 10-15% more fuel
3. It cools the air charge
4. It does some valve cleaning

A good WMI system is a safe one, so we worked with Coolingmist and their Stage 3 system with a built in failsafe. We also designed and built the Guardian Angel to lower boost should something happen.

This is a great solution up to 450whp or so and best of all you run a separate fluid from a separate tank so you can get there with pump fuel. 

To move beyond 450whp and make more use of more E85 we are well on our way to building the next system. This is the system that fuel wise will take you to the 550whp - 600whp level. 

It is an auxilliary injector system that is as plug and play as possible. A system like this removes the HPFP and injector limitation so you are killing two birds with one stone. Because it works at WOT only it also makes tuning easier and retains all aspects of the stock driveability around town. The low price of port injectors makes a system like this affordable and flexible. 

Further benefits are also valve cleaning and cooling of the air charge (as the fuel evaporates in the air stream). Below are some pictures of the prototype for the system. 

The goal is to seamlessly integrate a fuel add-on system that with the proper tuning will move the platform into the next power level reliably. Stay tuned for updates."



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We'll if somebody wants to measure the SHO throttlebody this might just bolt on. But someone will have to brave the waters in tuning for it. Since this is still new nobody with SCT has tried it. I know that COBB AccessPort will be the main thing but I don't see why SCT tuners couldn't also adjust fuel trims for it.

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I actually saw this exact same post from the afore mentioned vendor on a different forum, and it seems like an interesting way to temporarily address the fueling limitations of the smaller EB's (1.5,1.6 and 2.0). But temporary is the key at this point. This kit is similar to the way that we engineered our methanol injection kit. We are WELL past the 450whp mark with our kits. Even with some of the smaller EB builds that we have done we run into issues that are not fueling related. Only if it were as easy as bolting up a few injectors and adding a billet plate. The 2nd gen of the EB platforms will "unlock" many mysteries for the market.


Keep in mind that if you decide to use E85 that it requires far more fuel to maintain proper a/f ratios.

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Using this system on the v6 would absolutely generate more than that this where we are in the 2.0t power levels. In the 2.0t we are out of fuel are 350 whp. This will allow you more than 450 on the 2.0 without meth. On the 3.5 I think you can get 500 and not need to worry about meth. You can then add meth on top of additional fueling but currently you're stuck if you don't want to use meth.


Why do you consider it temporary? It's a permanent additional fueling plugged into the factory lines. This would be a good option for people not wanting meth but more powerful.


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Yeah this system would eventually allow 100% e85 fueling. The picture doesn't show the fueling lines being included that plug in the factory system pulling fuel from the cars tank. No additional tanks needed. But people are just bolting this on and running extra e85 or being able to run the bigger turbos at more than 28 psi. Like the efr 7163 gtx3076r. 


For further information here is their website http://www.stratifiedauto.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=78&products_id=255

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Well the 2.0 has a headifold all exhaust is permanently routed into one hole at the turbo. This engine will never be able to. We will have to measure it through afr and timing. We run meth the same way and it seems to distribute evenly. We will see as more people test.


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