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LME Downpipe update

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Well finally got the car on the track this past weekend with the new DP's install.  All I can say is WOW, if you they are in your future and budget.  GET THEM!!  They are so worth it.  Car ran a new best, and even with a 10-15 mph headwind.  She ran a best of 12.75 @ 107.   Ran in the high 12's all day.  Tried out my new GoPro too.  Only had one launch with little wheel spin, other than that she just took off. 

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Next We have to get you addicted to METHENOL 12.3 sec all Day baby!!!!!! OR Mike-a-nol you (Dual Meth) 600hp AT THE WHEELS!!!!!!!!! WOW!

Just put downpipes on last week...only need to shave off .02 for those 12.3's. Meth I'm liking for the cleaning affects, extra power too...sounds like a great combo.



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