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Trunk Light Fix

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So as we all know, we have a very large trunk and the light that Ford provided to us just isn't all that great. Yea we could change it out with a LED replacement bulb, but I still don't think that it would quite be enough. 


So I ordered and installed a new trunk light on Saturday. Before I had a cheap LED strip stuck to the trim panel at the trunk opening and it just wasn't cutting it. Some of the LEDs were on the fritz and it wasn't sticking very well so I finally got fed up with it and bought this:
We had lights similar to these are work so I already knew how bright they were. This is actually the 12v version. They also have a 24v version, which is the one we use at work. This came from SuperBrightLEDs. Ran me $20,but I don't have to worry about it burning out or it not being bright enough. 
I cut and spliced directly into the existing harness for the stock trunk light and then stuck it to the carpeting on the top of the trunk and ran the wire through a slit to help hide it. 
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