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New Mod, March 2016 - LED Illuminated Wheel Rings....

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Well, as is always the case with the opening of any new, annual, car show season, 2016 is no different than any of it's preceding years.


In preparation for the upcoming Tuner Galleria portion of World of Wheels (Chicago) which is this coming weekend (www.tunergalleria.com for show info).....


I spent the entire day from sun up, to sun down, to have installed LED Wheel Ring Lights. Mfg'd by Oracle Lighting (http://www.oraclelights.com/automotive-lighting-products/ORACLE-Illuminated-LED-Wheel-Rings) and installed locally by Shockwave Customs (http://shockwavecustom.com/).


I am incredibly happy with the end result(s) and was unaware of how much of a void was caused by NOT having the wheels illuminated. From an overall sense, the lighting appears now to "complete" from front to back, side to side. 


Couple of teaser shots here for your viewing pleasure.....






Entire album, which includes a progressive timeline of their install can be found here:



I must say, it was pretty darn entertaining watching all the looks my SHO was getting while driving home. The repeated double takes, goose necks, stares, thumbs up, etc. made it all worth the while. Anyhow......


Enjoy and continued happy modding and motoring to all of my fellow Ecoboost / Taurus / SHO owners out there!

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Well..... another year in the books, for Tuner Galleria / World of Wheels Chicago 2016, and although the SHO received a ginormous amount of attention, for everything from mere aesthetics, to performance mods/numbers it puts down, to platform record(s) status, as well as lighting, and a bunch of industry 1st's..... still..... from the judging crews alone.... still no love for the SHO.


Although I'm disappointed, especially since I won the category of 'Best Ford' back in 2013 (and have done so much more to the SHO since then) I lost yet again, to a fellow team mate, for the 2nd year in a row, which is simply a 2014 Mustang. So I took a closer look at it this year, as this is the 2nd time I've lost to it, it's really nothing special to be quite honest.


It's a bone stock Mustang, other than the fact it has custom audio, nitrous, tinted windows, and Asanti custom wheels. That's it.


I am beside myself. Stock motor, stock brakes, stock everything, other than what's mentioned above. I don't get it. I really don't.


I spoke to the owner of the company that does my lighting (Shockwave Customs) and he essentially said I definitively got hosed a 2nd year in a row, he did mention I need to seriously start contemplating an audio build.


That alone, according to him, is what I'm lacking at this juncture. Ugh, so stupid.


It's been a tremendously long 2 days, mostly for personal/family reasons I care not to divulge, but the show was therapeutic in that aspect, as prepping, cleaning, and just speaking at length with fellow exhibitor's and separately show spectators alike, about the SHO, it's achievement's, etc. was absolutely what I needed to keep my mind focused on more important matters.


But I did want to give a great big shout out to one of my more recent model's Brenda, for arranging and coordinating with a bevy of beautiful ladies to have modeled for, and adorned my SHO respectively.


Brenda was working another booth for this event, and was booked, but she felt bad and hooked me up with four incredible ladies in their own right(s) respectively, and although I didn't take a lot of pics this year (as again, I was preoccupied with family matters) I did want to at least share the few that I did capture, and those can be found in this PB album here: -------> 



But a couple of teaser's to help wet the visual appetite of course:








I have made it my goal to achieve some sort of audio build for 2016. Even if it takes me a while to save up for it, etc.


But I recognize that it is a category in which I am severly lacking, but will do my best to attack it this year.


As always, happy modding fellow EB/SHO owners, as you all I know, I rep'd our platform in the very best of light possible!

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