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Delivery of my SHO today

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So I had an appointment to pick up my 2015 SHO today. Well,,,,,not picking up till Tuesday after work. Showed up at the dealership and they had the dash ripped apart to find the Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM) has failed. So Monday morning they will order a new APIM. They said it will take 24 hrs to get. Plus side is it will be tinted before I pick up now.


The screen was half blacked out. Radio and other controls did not work.



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Congrats! I still get that feeling everytime I drive my SHO. Even 6yrs later.


No matter if it's a short trip to complete errands, drive to a show, or cross country excursions to visit family or long distance friends.....


Always a blast. ALWAYS.


Enjoy and keep the community posted as to your experiences.


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Thanks and will do bpd. maybe in quite some years from now I will be where you are with hp and tq. thats my goal anyhow for the FX4, EX Sport and the SHO.


Took a guy at work on a brief drive and he giggled like a little girl. Smile from start up to end of the day, lol.

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